Samsung Corby

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It has been not long since Samsung launched its Corby in India. The much advertised product has seen a good amount of sales in the country and Samsung has no intentions to "let go" off the product. In fact, there are reports that Samsung is readying a CDMA version of the Corby for India.

Apart from the bigger GSM based subscriber base, India also has large CDMA users on the Reliance and the Tata Indicom networks. With the number of CDMA customers too being extremely large, it only makes sense for Samsung to enter this segment - and this is what it is doing.

If the Corby does arrive on CDMA networks, it would be the first touch screen device to provide direct social networking access using widgets. Rest of the features will remain similar to the GSM version of the Corby. Apart from this, there is also news coming in of the Corby (GSM) getting a "W" version - that will add Wi-Fi to the handset. The Wi-Fi enhanced model will be dubbed S3650w.

As for the CDMA Corby, it is expected to be priced at around the Rs. 10,000 mark. However, for it to sell well, it should ideally be priced a notch lower than and sell for around the Rs. 7,000 to 8,500 marks.


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