A.R.Rahman Online shop

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Now, AR Rahman's site has many features. One of the main features is, of course, buying the music online through this site. The site www.arrahman.com is noted among his die-hard fans and the Academy winner is using it as a platform to perk up the orders for his latest as well as old musical albums.

The bonanza offer has given a fillip to the music lovers who log on to the site and make the buys by a click of the mouse. AR Rahman's genius work - be it films, albums or other projects, can be listened to on the site. Apart from this, you can order a copy. That's so special because Rahman was not up to this one till very recently.

His popularity got multiplied after 'Slumdog Millionaire' and it is only natural that he wants to bank on it. He has fans around the globe and all of them might just not have access to his music, as his fans in India. So, his site caters to not just them, but also simultaneously translates into good money.


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