India back on track

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One year on after the dreaded recession, many feared that the growth of many developing countries will be considerably affected. India made a lot of economical headway last in the past years, but after the economical downturn many feared that India will not be able to sustain rapid progress. But India has certainly seemed to back on the road to the economic redemption. India index of industrial production indicates a rise in the goods produced. The economic observers have also pointed out that the demand in the India's domestic market was the reason for keeping many of the business going. There is also some amount of the consumer confidence coming back. There are also many regulations that are done in the market so that when an incidence like this happens again India will be better prepared. It is very important that the business and investment banks learn some valuable lessons. There is also a possibility that the banks will also asked to keep their reserves to 12%. India certainly is on the road to its recovery. It will only be a matter of time that the consumer confidence is once again high, now it is growing which is indicated by the lowering of the inventory in India industries.


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