Ban on public smoking dip heart attack by 10%

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As we all know smoking is not only injurious to people who smoke but also to others who inherit that smoke. In Europe smoking was banned in public place and the researchers has found that this ban has caused a fall in heart attack rates of 10%. The British Government says after the ban was imposed in July 2007 there has been lot of heart attacks across England than they expected. In 2006 this same ban on smoking was imposed in Scotland where heart attacks rates have fallen by 14% because of the ban.

But the British Government says the ban on public smoking is success and it is emerging as one of the most significant improvements in public health. At Nottingham University the director of the UK Centre of Tobacco Control Studies Mr. John Britton says the ban on public smoking will bring more benefits especially the cancer and other disease caused by smoking will be cut off. According to me the ban on public smoking should be imposed all over the world, so that we can save some lives.


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