James Cameron's Avatar

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Sci-fi fantasy Avatar, the first feature film from director James Cameron since Titanic, has had its public premiere in London. Cameron joined stars Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana to meet fans in Leicester Square ahead of the gala screening. The film is set in the 22nd Century on a distant planet, Pandora, inhabited by a humanoid race with its own culture. Reports have suggested the movie cost more than $200m (£123m) to make. Cameron conceived the story for it in 1995, and then waited a decade for technology to catch up so he could film it.

It mixes live action and computer animation to create a vivid, 3D alien world where humans, who cannot breathe the air, have created avatars - hybrid creatures controlled via a mental link - to explore the planet. The opening 15 minutes of the film were screened around the world earlier this year to help set expectations for the extravagant epic. Early reports were mixed - with some people finding the CGI sequences, featuring blue humanoid characters, off-putting. One critic dubbed the film "Dancing With Smurfs".

Although critics have now seen the completed work, Film Company 20th Century Fox has placed an embargo on reviews until 14 December. But Cameron, 55, is unlikely to be worried - having proved critics wrong in the past. Titanic, released in 1997, suffered bad advance publicity, with rumours of production problems and spiralling budgets - but it went on to win 11 Academy Awards and take $1.8bn (£1.1bn) at the worldwide box office. Avatar opens in the UK on 18 December.


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