Ring neck

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The danger to the ecological balance by introducing a new kind of species in to the ecology is well known. There are plenty of examples, where the ecological balance is affected when a new species is introduced. There may be adverse effects as the species may pose a threat to the other species in the ecology. The threat may be direct or the new species may compete with the older species for food and shelter. This was a huge cause of concern for the biologist. They did fear for the other species of birds when they learned that the ring necked parakeet was introduced in to the wild.

There was a law in parts of Europe banning the breeding of this species in the wild. But these parakeets are breaking the law. Following an accidental introduction of these birds, they have been thriving. They have called London their home. It now features in the list of species that are common in London. The thing which is relieving is the fact that, the introduction of the ring necked parakeets has not caused any change to the ecology. They have also not posed any threat to any species. The species has been thriving.

The biologists are a bit weary and perhaps a bit concerned t about the introduction of this species. They are worried about the fact that as this species is thriving and is becoming more and more common. In the future when there is a lot more of this bird they may compete with other species of birds for food and nesting sites. When other species of birds face competition then they might struggle and eventually lead to the destruction of the particular species. But there is another section of the biologists who believe that there will be no such problem in the future. They say that these birds will eventually reduce in the number as they themselves will face competition. So it remains to be seen whether these wonderful creatures will be detrimental to the ecology or not.


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