Racism refusing to die out

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In this day and age one would think that racism is the thing of the past. Globalization is in full swing these days, it would impossible for any one to think that one can be racist. The society has been more and more inclusive these days. People are becoming more and more open minded. People are becoming more accepting.

Its things like these that are would have convinced that racism has been put to death. But now and then around the world racism is still raisins its ugly head. It refuses to die down. There have been incidents which have taken place around the world which has confirmed that racism is still there, but not like in the previous century. But racism is simply not acceptable in any form or in any magnitude.

For a society to thrive there is no place for racism. There has been wide spread realization about the evils of racism. All the countries in the world are working to make racism a thing of the past. But when we are rest assured that racism has died out, an incident occurs which can be racists. So there is still work to be done by the governments around the world to put an end to the racism to once and for all and make the world peaceful place.


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