Develop Divine Memory

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If we can remember all our experiences as mortal beings in this life, why is it that we do not recollect all the divine experiences that have happened in the soul? Memory has two natures: mortal memory reproduces the experiences of this life, and divine memory reproduces the experiences of the soul throughout all its incarnations. Most people are aware only of mortal memory.

Why is our divine memory asleep? Some people are able to recall many experiences, both mortal and divine; others cannot well remember even their recent past. Memory has different grades in different people according to brain capacity. Education, concentration, meditation, and various memorable experiences are required to develop a good memory. Without developing memory one cannot become a well-educated person. If one has an experience and subsequently forgets it, all values of that experience are lost to the conscious mind.

By improving the quality of memory, we can make it powerful enough to remember all things, even our divine origin. By awakening the divine memory, whereby we recall every experience of all our past lives and ultimately realize our immortal soul nature, salvation is attained.


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