Astronaut becomes father in space

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A US astronaut onboard the space shuttle Atlantis is celebrating the news of the birth of a daughter back on Earth. Randolph Bresnik, who is on his first space flight, became a father for a second time when baby Abigail was born back home in Houston, Texas. The event makes Bresnik the second astronaut to become a father in space - the first was Mike Fincke in 2004. Mr. Bresnik is due to return to Earth on Friday after an 11-day mission.

The 42-year-old Marine and his crewmates were awoken on Sunday by the song Butterfly Kisses, especially chosen by his wife, Rebecca. Among the lyrics are the lines: "There are two things I know for sure, she was sent here from heaven and she's daddies little girl." The couple has a three-year-old son, whom they adopted from Ukraine.


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