Global Warming Sparks Food Crisis

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The climate around us is changing rapidly; global warming phenomenon seems to be affecting many sectors. The temperatures have risen to all time highs in Europe. Many countries are facing the warmest winters; all these climatic changes have affected the production of many crops. Farmers across the world have been affected. In the future it is more likely that the whole world will face a major food crisis. The scientist say that this can be tackled in two ways, one it is to prevent it before happening but it seems unlikely.

The next is to adapt to the change in the temperatures. We should develop crops which are able to adapt themselves to the temperature. But it takes a long time for the crops to adapt themselves to the temperature. The speed at which the climate is changing is more rapid so the crops may not be able to change quickly. Some scientists believe that more hype is given to this problem.

The nature will find a way in adapting to the climate changes. The credibility of the claims of climatic change causing a food crisis is questioned many in the international circle. But the recent estimates of crop produce across the world have clearly shown that there has been 30% reduction in the maize and rice production due to the rise in temperature. So it’s important that everyone should play a role in preventing or at least slowing the speed at which the climate changes.


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