Galactic Alignment

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The last date on the Mayan long count calendar is December 21 2012. According to the Mayan civilization the world will come to an end on that day. Perhaps this is the reason for all that hype given to the galactic alignment theory in the blogosphere. We really have to wonder why so many traditions invoke the end of the world concept in troubled times. The galactic alignment is that the earth as seen from sun, crosses the galactic plane twice a year and as seen from the earth does the same thing, but 2012 is a bit different, the process will be slow, this happens only once in 1300 years.

That all to it, it’s not going to the apocalypse, but now the theory has spread from new age circles to main stream astronomers and media and being debated in college courses. The media sighting the demand for this story started making the most of it. Many channels are planning a series of documentaries on it. People have to hear stories like this, there is a great demand among the public about stories like this which exists them. Perhaps they like the idea of world ending in their time, speculations aside, 2012 is a unique year. But it does have any greater cosmic significance.


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