Fantasy sports leads to improve math scores

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Is Mathematics hard to study? No says the researchers in the University of Mississippi, fantasy sports can help the students to score high marks in Mathematics. So a conclusion was made by Mr. Kim Beason, associate professor of park and recreation management and Mr. Dan Flockhart, a former California middle school teacher. Dan Flockhart has written many mathematics textbooks.

From this study it has been known that fantasy sports has increased maths scores and mainly in the areas ranging from algebraic formulas to fractions. Above 50% among middle school students has scored high marks in maths. Beason said this is huge improvement among the students and both boys and girls have scored well. In America over sixty-nine percent of the students who are doing their eighth-grade are not so proficient in maths. Flockhart believes the fantasy sports will play a key role in America and it will help to improve the math scores.


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