Cigarette smoking

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Smoking is one of the most favorite pass times of millions in the world. In the century the tobacco industry has grown immensely due to the phenomenal increase of the number of smokers. Smoking has gripped people in matter of few years. There are smokers all around the world. Smoking seems to have no ending. But in the recent years there has been an out cry among the medical personal about the ill effects of smoking. They are main cause of cancer. Smoking causes harm to the body.

Smoking can be very addictive and can be very harmful to the smoker and the people around him. Smoking can be enormously deadly. They are the main cause of cancer. They cause tar to be formed in the lungs. This causes great difficulties in smoking. The main problem of smoking is that it is very addictive. Many have gone on to become chain smokers. Chain smoking can cause many problems. In a few years people become extremely dependent on the cigarettes.


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