Dirty Dancer dies

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One of the great ballet dancer and athletic actor Patrick Swayze dies of cancer, aged 57. In Los Angeles the actor publicist, Annett Wolf told the associated press that Swayze had died. The dance played a big role in Patrick Swayze’s life. He became a popular actor in the films like “Dirty Dancer” and “Ghost”. In January 2008 his cancer was diagnosed. When Swayze was in treatment, he even went through several plans to star in “The Beast”, it’s a drama series for A&E and he filmed a complete season. His mother owned a Houston dance studio, where he met his future wife Lisa Niemi, when they were teenagers. Swayze established him as a romantic dancer in the film “Dirty Dancing”, also he proved as an emotional actor in the film “Ghost” and it was box-office hit. Swayze mother was a dance instructor and choreographer. In his childhood he likes dancing and he was often teased about it. The Hollywood cinema has missed a great balletically and athletic actor.


  1. Small Footprints said...

    I read, earlier today, that Dirty Dancing was filmed at Lake Lure in North Carolina and that the movie put Lake Lure on the map. 57 seems awfully young to die, doesn't it?

    Small Footprints

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