Ban on flavored cigars

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Cigarettes are favourites for some people, especially for youth. To regulate the tobacco the Food and Drug Administration was given authority, so that the Federal health officials in America banned the sale of flavored cigarettes. Children and teenagers like smoking because of the flavors of the cigarettes. This ban is imposed to stop the sale of flavor cigarettes with vanilla, chocolate and other flavorings. These flavored cigars had a good profit in market. These cigars will lead the kids and teenagers to become regular smoker. So this ban is imposed to stop the young adults indulged in smoking. Before five years these flavor cigars were used mostly by teenagers than the people over the age of 25. The Senator Tom Harkin said using cigars with flavors like strawberry, chocolate and other flavors will slow the rate of addiction among young smokers; it will also prevent disease and saving millions of life. The study says over 3600 children and teenagers start smoking everyday and among them over 1100 become daily smokers. The ban on flavored cigarettes comes three months after President Obama signed the legislation giving authority to regulate tobacco.


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    Unfortunately...where there is money to be profited....there will be a market of corruption and it will never be for the benefit of the people:)

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